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Reasons Why It Is Illegal to Make Fake Stubs

A pay stub is also known as a pay slip or a pay advice. A stub is a proof that some salary was paid to you. The stub contains the gross amount, deductions and the net amount. Insurance contributions, taxes, pension contributions and loan deductions are some of the main deductions on the stub. Stubs are important since they act as security to loans, buying of cars, acquiring of real estate property and as a proof of a complete payment.

Nowadays, a lot of businesses and companies upload the pay slips of their employees on the website so as to reduce paperwork. Nowadays, people have come to learn how to make fake stubs. Learn more about whether Is It Illegal To Make Fake Pay Stubs? The fake stub is a proof of a false payment. The following are reasons why it is illegal to come up with a fake stub.

The making of fake stubs is a forgery. Forgery is an illegalized activity. Since the original stubs have features such as stamps, watermarks, and seals, one must find ways to incorporate these features on the fake stub in order to have a copy which looks like the original. In order for the security features to be included on you fake stub, you must talk to the relevant officials. Most officials ask for some favors in order to append these security features, of which it is corruption.

A fake pay slip will give false promises. As we said earlier, stubs are used as security for loans, renting of the real estate and a better salary for your new job. Once a bank, car dealer or real estate investor realizes that you have provided a fake stub, he/she will deny you the loan, you will not own the car and the real estate property respectively. One may also be charged with forgery in a court of law. The financial, car and real estate businesses may also fall as a result of receiving fake stubs.

The fake stubs make people think you are rich. Upon producing fake stubs, all people will believe you have money in your account and you may end up getting some favors. Read more about Fake Pay Stubs and ask yourself whether Are Pay Stubs Illegal? A fake pay slip will persuade your friends and relatives to give you a loan.

Many fake stubs have improper figures and calculations. The fake stubs are produced by incompetent persons and they may do some miscalculations. The common mistakes on the pay slips are misspelled words and improper placing of decimal points.

The fake stubs are used in avoiding financial responsibilities. In order to be relieved from carrying out some tasks which require money, you may produce a fake stub with a less amount of net income. The task will then be assigned to another person who has the financial capability.

The above are grounds on which the making of fake pay slips was illegalized. Learn more from

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